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    Jendayi J Harris, Emotional Fitness Trainer & Speaker

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    Jendayi Harris, Emotional Fitness Trainer & Speaker


    Building An Emotionally Healthy World, One Group at a Time

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  • Meet Jendayi aka "J"

    Jendayi J Harris

    Emotional Fitness Trainer & Speaker

    Jendayi Harris speaks at Fortune 500 firms across the nation seeking to enrich leaders to align teams and time effectively - by clarifying objectives, projects, email, calendar and task systems - in a proven method to win back 11 hours per week per year, keep a zero inbox, create high performance work teams, and increase profitability by 23%.

    Client results matter to Jendayi. She employs her background of hundreds of books, Emotional Intelligence [Talent Smart & TTI], a true personality assessment geek [MBIT, DiSc], Counseling Psychology with thousands of clinical hours [CCU], business [SHU] and nearly twenty years in corporate to impact the lives of others. She believes productivity is an inside out matter.

    Jendayi's participants included Fortune 500 Public Firms, Top Private Firms and Small Business Clients for Group In Person Training, Keynotes, and One on One Coaching: NASA, PepsiCo, Medline, Cisco, Ball, GAO, USDA, WBEC, Wells Fargo, Ameriprise Financial, Delta Airlines, Lockheed, Brocade, I.H.S Global, Marriott, Menasha, Samsung, top consulting firms, Royal Cup; In additional to Archdiocese ST Louis, Catholic Charities, Harvest Strategy Group, Jupiter Networks, CPA as a Corporate Trainer and Keynoter for McGhee Productivity Solutions.

    In her personal time she ministers on issues of soul and family restoration by empowering the individual self. She believes the best thing we can do for our families is to take 100% responsibility for our mind, will, emotions, habits and spirit. This includes our responsibility to consistently increase our EQ/EI, effectiveness and efficiency.


    How we do things affects everyone else around us. Jendayi has an affinity for coaching leaders to optimize their emotions, time, personality, priorities and resources to powerfully impact their mission.

    She believes it's important to embrace your humanness and not seek perfection in productivity, but progress. In her opinion, to love God, our self, and others, is the most productive response to our daily insanity.

    Jendayi has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Seton Hall University as a part of the distinguished Martin Luther King Scholars. She received her Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology and is a Nationally Certified Counselor.


    Jendayi is certified as a DiSc instructor with TTI in addition to Certified in Talent Smart’s Emotional Intelligence program. In her leisure time she enjoys writing, running, speaking for community events and serving on non-profit Boards.


  • Why hire Jendayi for your event?

    Hire Jendayi for Keynotes, Workshops, Conferences and More!

    Gotta love the shirt, it's jazzy, just like emotions!

    "This video breaks down three key reasons to hire me. Mainly, I've actually done the work. I started learning about Emotional Intelligence in 2003. Emotions were always difficult for me. I wondered, like many of my clients, is EQ heredity? I had them, but didn't understand them.


    As a natural thinker type, it took me weeks to figure out how I felt after an event took place. I was emotionally - unfit - and didn't know it. You or your students, employees or colleagues, may be too.


    Good thing Emotional Intelligence is completely trainable! I also developed a 5 step, Emotional Strength Training Plan I call - The Emotional Fitness Workout. It's my hope to work with you, check out the video and email me to inquire of quotes and fees. I will get back to you directly."

    - J Harris, Emotional Fitness Trainer




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  • Topics

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    Emotional Intelligence for Next Generation Leaders

    Participants Will Learn

    • Why Your EQ Matters MORE than your IQ
    • What Emotional Intelligence 
    • The 4 Skills of Emotional Intelligence 
    • Strategies to Develop Your EQ

    This Keynote will inspire students to gain the competitive edge that over 91% of the highest paid and most well respected leaders possess. An early edge on EQ will provide students with the wisdom needed for the fast moving market place. Any student headed to Corporate America would benefit from this workshop.

    The Emotionally Fit Student

    College Students Learn

    • How to defeat negative emotions
    • The 5 step Emotional Fitness Workout for inner strength to feel happy, healthy and whole for life
    • What to do in the moment to handle emotions
    • How to grow the inner person to be bigger than circumstances

    With suicide, DUI's, mental health disorders, prescriptions and obesity on the rise, The Emotionally Fit Student keynote will support students to understand the power of emotions for insight into their lives as well as a powerful "workout" to exercise their emotional bodies. This workshop will provide much needed tools in an interactive style to have fun with emotional maturity.


    The Emotional Fitness Workout: A 5 Step Inner Strength Workout to Feel Healthy, Whole and Free for Life

    Participants Learn

    • How to defeat negative emotions that damage weight results
    • The 5 step Emotional Fitness Workout for inner strength to feel happy, healthy and whole for life
    • What to do in the moment to handle emotions
    • Navigate the Emotional, Physical and Circumstantial Triggers that Sabotage Health and Fitness Results

    Fitness professionals and nutritionist are often baffled by their clients that clearly have weight to drop, alarming medical conditions or general unhappiness around their physical appearance, but despite the best of efforts, their clients aren't seeing results. This is a result of lack of Emotional Fitness for Weight and Eating. This Keynote is for Employee Wellness, Fitness Conferences, Nutritional Conferences and other organizations that want to instill a positive, tangible solution to sabotaging emotions.

    Emotional Fitness For Spiritual Strength

    Participants Learn

    • How to understand their emotions and get ego out of the way
    • The 5 step Emotional Fitness Workout for inner strength to feel happy, healthy and whole for life
    • Why so many religious people fail at showing the Love of God
    • Navigate the Emotional, Physical and Circumstantial Triggers that Sabotage Relationships

    Spiritual and religious communities know that something is missing when a person isn't willing to work on their character, reactions and general personal development. This course outlines why we need to work on our soul's best evolution. Using Biblical principles, stories and practical tips, this program will help build you internally from the spirit of offense, fear, and anger into more connected conversations and loving presence.

  • Preview of J's Speaking

    What does it mean to be Emotionally Fit?

    What's underneath the surface of people's exterior?

    What's a trigger?

  • Testimonials

    "WOW factor I was looking for"


    "Ms. Harris was truly the WOW factor I was looking for to add to my inaugural educational alumni event. She was thorough in learning about the audience and great at engaging them. Emotional Intelligence is a topic that I've only started hearing about recently so it was something fresh and relevant for everybody in the audience. I only wish we would have had more than an hour!"

    - Dani Traweek, Executive Director, Colorado Ag Leadership Program

    "Completely Impressed"

    "Meeting and working with Jendayi during a recent conference presentation was a true pleasure. Her personality, exemplary communication skills and ability to engage her audience resulted in free exchange of ideas. Her demonstrated command of the subject and innate ability to guide the topic discussion left her audience not only more knowledgeable, but having a good time!


    I was completely impressed with Jendayi's performance and would undoubtedly recommend her for other speaking engagements. She simply posses abilities to have an audience impressed! "


    - Dwayne A. Glory, Claims & Underwriting Specialist, Farmers Protective Mutual Insurance

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